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Obedience Dog Training



At Smoochie Poochies of Windsor, Obedience Training isn’t just for dogs. A dog who knows boundaries and rules is a happy dog, but you’ll be happier, too. If your dog lacks manners or behaves spontaneously, they could be putting themselves, other dogs, and their human friends at risk.


Obedience Training keeps everyone happy. A well-behaved dog means you won’t be frustrated with constant discipline when your favorite shoes are used as a chew toy. A properly trained pet also means not placing human friends at risk from nips or bites, and keeps your dog safe from dangerous situations like running into traffic.



Leslie Phoenix, our Smoochie Poochie dog trainer, is a professional who will train your dog as well as showing you the proper techniques to continue a satisfying relationship with your pet. Leslie traveled to British Columbia in 2008 and completed the only government accredited professional dog trainer program in Canada. She is a certified professional dog trainer. Leslie believes in life long learning and growing. She has taken multiple courses and seminars on a wide variety of dog topics with many different trainers. She earned her certified trick dog instructor certificate with Do More With Your Dog! and now works with clients to continue building a strong relationship with their canine pals through trick training and titling. She is active in the agility community and can often be found at demonstrations with her own dogs. She is also active in sport scent detection and freestyle obedience and plans to add these sports in as classes.


Leslie believes training is a huge benefit for any dog. Training strengths the bond between dog and owner and it's just plain fun!

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